January 29, 2011

Pay close attention to this shiny sidewalk

Today i went to this small suburb outside the city to look around at the antique whatnot there, it was really cool. The town square was just darling.

In a ballet store, filled with boxes upon boxes of ballet shoes

pink top from forever 21, grey vest from H&M, yellow bow homemade, and skirt from thrift store (not shown)

Oh, you may have notice that that is me in the magazine! I few months ago I did an add for a regional company and while I was at this cafe, I found it in a magazine! If you look closely at the picture you can notice the ominous wheelchair in the background of me holding a basketball.
Just a note, i look like 12 years old in this picture.

safety pins are my favorite fashion tool



  1. I love the pins.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! You have such a lovely blog!

    xxo, Tzipi :)


  3. aww thanks for your comment ! : ) how old are you ? you look really young ! and already with such talent !