January 04, 2011

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

This dress is amazing.

Last day of winter break, wow, it seems like it went by so quickly. Sad. But when I was randomly wandering about the house, I managed to dig up this little number. It is amazing. Did I mention that? Amazing. 
Turns out its my grandmother's-- she graciously bestowed the garment to me. Even though I wore it as a dress, it is the top to a sari that came with loose black pants (not unlike the ones in my last post) But I ditched the pants (ditched...I'm so 90's) and belted the top, it's a little on the short side but I added my ruffle mini skirt underneath for some volume. Turned out good if I say so myself. 

I love the print here, it's so intricate and there is so much detailing in the gold thread. I always appreciate detail. 

Dress- grandmother's
Belt- vintage shop
Cardigan-Urban Outfitters
boots- Lucky Brand

Wow, sorry. Sorta went crazy with the pictures, but what can I say, I was excited. Still am. 
Btw, like the corn earrings I borrowed from my mom? Yah, I'm excited about those too.

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  1. I love your yellow cardigan! It seems like they've been popping up everywhere this week. Yellow is great because you can add it to a plain outfit to spruce it up, or mix it with color if you're feeling brave! Cute blog, good luck with it.