January 03, 2011

362 more to go...

I have been wanting a good pair of harem pants for a good long while now. I truly love how there are so many trends from the 80's that have resurfaced in decent society. Big shoulders, pleats, neon colors, and harem pants-its heaven I tell you-I love it!
But since I haven't found a decent pair I thrifted a pair of loose cotton black pants and tied them up at the ankles, clever eh? Maybe? no...well it will do until i get my hands on a pair of real harems.

striped shirt is from urban outfitters , green vest from goodwill, faux harem pants  from thrift store, blue shiny shoes from marshalls and round wool necklace from local boutique .

Yeah, I'm a ninja.

Hope everyone has had a good and productive 2011 so far! 


  1. nice pics, so lovely :)
    follow me ;>??
    kisses from pepa

  2. Thanks so much
    Spread the word! haha.