June 16, 2014

I dont sleep, I dream awake"

Lets just get it out there in the open- the elephant in the room. Its been a year, really more but we'll let that go. 

April 04, 2011

roses are red, violets are blue, I am at home, with nothing to do

Since we are having the most anticipated SPRING BREAK this week i went for a stroll around the neighborhood. Isn't it b-e-autiful?

 Floral Dresses in my opinion are a must have essential for spring, so this one was a great great find.

 Dress- believe it or not a thrift store, now my favourite
Boots-Lucky Brand

 I feel like my posts have gotten more and more of just, "look at some pictures of me" so i'll get it together and make it work. Yes? Yes.
Hope everyone is enjoying SBXI.

March 23, 2011

Snappy Suspenders

I had some ice cream yesterday. I've been lactose intolerant for like 8 years now, but i ate it anyway. Ya know why? cause im a rebel. thats why.
Anyway, im trying to post more often, so help me out here!

found this awesome sause purse at a thrift store and guess what it says on the tag
Christian Dior!!! 

grey shirt-marshalls
trousers-urban outfitters
blue blazer-urban outfitters
suspenders and purse-thrifted

March 09, 2011

You got a beautiful face girl

maybe im lame, but i still think this is really funny! ok, i've been busy with a whole lot of stuff, but i just wanted to update ya, make sure i'm not dead.
more outfit updates and whatnot coming soon!

February 27, 2011

"You don't even have to dodge hobo pee or anything"

  Does anyone else notice how there's no snow on the ground. Yeah, I thought so. But don't worry, I'm pretending to thoughtfully gaze at a serene snow filled field. 
Lookin' all nostalgic and whatnot.
Photos taken right going to a movie I believe, being influenced by all the hype I decided to see Black Swan, it was amazing to say the least! While getting the ticket, the ticket lady told me "You speak so nicely for a 11 year old." Thanks, some would even think I speak like..oh I don't know, a 15 year old.  Go figure.

Always gotta have a profile shot. 

dress-urban outfitter
shoes-urban outfitters


February 18, 2011

my totally healthy obsessions

hey there...
I haven't posted in a while. Sorry bout that darling. 

I think I have a new fetish.  These closets are beautiful, its like a page out of IKEA on beauty steroids (try and picture that)

ALSO, even though it is February, the weather in my area is totally unpredictable, when it comes to the winter months, it was 60 degrees yesterday...explain that. In explicable or not, Summer clothes are needed, so I better stat stocking up!I'll probably spend this Friday off to browse around, I'll get back to ya with findings
have a lovely weekend

February 06, 2011

Congrats! I want to award you with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. Go.

Hello there, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, mine was quite relaxing, especially sunday, getting settled in for...the one.....the only.....
can you tell I'm pumped?

Yeah this pretty much describes my day exactly.

Hey there, guess what? My camera is working right again! 

BTW, this freaked out facial expression was a result of it being crazy cold outside, and me not bothering to have a coat on....oops.

I have been trying to wait until it got warmer to wear these awesome vintage pants but I couldn't resist and wore them anyway. I can already tell that I'll get a lot of use out of them when spring rolls around.
These pants are super high waisted, which is really what I love about them. High waisted pants are a weakness of mine, GAH.
Also; i need more wedges, or i;m going to wear these grey ones to death... *SIGH*

grey v neck- TJ Maxx
brown/stone colored cardigan- Goodwill (originally from Anne Taylor xxsp)
Pants with yellow belt-Vintage
socks- TJ Maxx
grey wedges- ALDO.com
jewelry-hand me downs from grandma/aunt/mom/etc.