February 18, 2011

my totally healthy obsessions

hey there...
I haven't posted in a while. Sorry bout that darling. 

I think I have a new fetish.  These closets are beautiful, its like a page out of IKEA on beauty steroids (try and picture that)

ALSO, even though it is February, the weather in my area is totally unpredictable, when it comes to the winter months, it was 60 degrees yesterday...explain that. In explicable or not, Summer clothes are needed, so I better stat stocking up!I'll probably spend this Friday off to browse around, I'll get back to ya with findings
have a lovely weekend


  1. The 3rd and 4th picture of the closet look so cool :)

  2. Oh what I'd give to have a closet like one of those (and full of clothes of course)