February 27, 2011

"You don't even have to dodge hobo pee or anything"

  Does anyone else notice how there's no snow on the ground. Yeah, I thought so. But don't worry, I'm pretending to thoughtfully gaze at a serene snow filled field. 
Lookin' all nostalgic and whatnot.
Photos taken right going to a movie I believe, being influenced by all the hype I decided to see Black Swan, it was amazing to say the least! While getting the ticket, the ticket lady told me "You speak so nicely for a 11 year old." Thanks, some would even think I speak like..oh I don't know, a 15 year old.  Go figure.

Always gotta have a profile shot. 

dress-urban outfitter
shoes-urban outfitters


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  1. such a cute dress!
    thanks for stopping by my blog : )