December 29, 2010

You're as comfy as a kleenex I do declare

Lovin the use of starbucks cups and iphones as the accessories by the way

To be honest the first time I saw a collection by DSquared (2007 ready to wear) i wasn't that thrilled about it, but it has grown on me, i really love the way they layer different pieces, and this particular ready to wear line is definitely giving me inspiration for outfits in the future 

Pictures from

Today I wore my chunky mustard yellow cardigan for the first time!  I have been wanting something mustard yellow for months now, and when I saw this in the display window a few days ago, i was overcome with giddiness. I'm serious, i had a giggle attack for about 4 minutes straight.  felt so spiffy all day, what a lovely way to add some PIZZAZ to an outfit! Whats weird is that my craving for mustard yellow(officially my color of the season) has not been filled. I think i see mustard yellow shoes in my future; but only time will tell, MUWWHAHAHAHA.
Tried to experiment with editing photos, always love that antique look with a fire in the background.
I need a tripod for my camera, seriously. Maybe I'll do something productive today...who knows how it will go down...hommie.

cozy fireplace...yum.

white button down oxfords- aunt's; skinny jeans-American Eagle; blue wedges(not pictured)-boutique in NYC; Necklace-boutique; Feodora-Urban Outfitters 
Mustard Yellow Chunky Sweater- Pure Loveliness 

December 28, 2010

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Lately I have been very into minimal outfits; i need to spice up my wardrobe with some color.

like how the title has nothing to do with the post?

striped dress-H&M;black blazer-H&M;pearls-gift ;boots-Payless; green belt-vintage/thrift

December 27, 2010

And so it begins

Hope everyone's holidays were pleasant! Tis the last hurray until the new year rolls on in, 2011!Where does the time go? Found some good stuff at a new thrift store today! Very exciting, I'm aware. I will probably put up some pictures later 
Lately i have been thinking about the purposes of starting this blog, i like it just i never really considered the motive i suppose w
hen I think back  to 6th grade I am reminded of all the cartoon character T-shirts, quirky necklaces, and baggy skinny jeans. (I know-oxymoron) Even though my sense of style was not quite evolved at that point, I would like to think that is has improved more than I could hope. Now, I live for all fashion magazines made, from Seventeen to Vogue.
    The purpose of this blog is to not only help document the progress and evolution of fashion (personally and generally) but also to get a feel for the fashion magazine world. The idea struck me while watching the best movie of all times, "The Devil Wears Prada." As I watched Anne Hathaway battle her way through the challenges of fashion, I realized that that is exactly what I want to do. So this is my attempt at a fashion blog to start off! 

striped top-urban outfitters
argyle sweater vest-vintage;thrift 
ripped light wash jeans-american eagle 
optimus prime awesomeness-target
shoes-urban outfitters

December 26, 2010

What's better than a mustache ring?

So how was every one's December 26th? Mine was wonderful actually, I went to my favorite thrift store in the city (got a whole bunch of stuff) and I ate a melon. A cantaloupe actually. It was lovely.  OH. and while I was around town, i went to this little boutique and found
A MUSTACHE RING!!! it was glorious, simply glorious. I'll have to put up some pictures later.
Yeah, i tried to avoid all malls today, imagine what the crowds
Oh and today i submitted a picture to Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger, hopefully it goes well!

black and white striped dress (worn as a top)-H&M
blue band vest-Urban Outfitters
Pearls-Birthday Gift :)
Black ruffled mini skirt- Thrift store(originally from Gap Kids!)
and I'm wearing my communist chairman Mao watch I got when i went to China in 7th grade-my prized possession. 

December 24, 2010

Question of Judgement

Happy Friday Everybody! 
Only one day until Christmas and here I am in need of 2 more gifts for my loved ones. Somehow it happens every year, I excel in procrastination, it's a curse really.  
its weird, if you looked at this picture it does not give off the impression of christmas, for all you know it could have been taken in march,; especially if you notice that i'm wearing a tank top and shorts. Ah well, we'll make due with what we have!

Now if you'd excuse me, i think i'll go watch The Holiday for the 46th time this month
I hope everyone has a lovely holiday.  

flower printed tank top from Marshalls, loose open cardigan from Plato's Closet, Gant uniform shorts from thrift store, tights from a drug store and my favorite, favorite blue shinny shoes from Marshalls (whoda thunk it?) 

December 21, 2010

Lets all say Hello together

Well hello there, welcome to the 1st official post of Color me Styled, i've always loved fashion and appreciated good style so to me this seems like a constructive, creative outlet to express my opinion on current fashion and document my daily outfits as much as possible. I wanted to "do" something, to create something this year, so this seems like a good fit.
I suppose this is my new year resolution, so i'm getting a head start! Lovely. 

 It was quite chilly outside so I went to one of my staple pieces, my faaaavorite grey cashmere sweater that i scored at a thrift store sometime in June. 

being a weirdo looking at my dear neighbor  

sweater : thrift store
blazer: urban outfitters
jeans: american eagle (TJ Maxx)
belt: urban outfitters
shoes: urban
scarf: China