January 29, 2011

Pay close attention to this shiny sidewalk

Today i went to this small suburb outside the city to look around at the antique whatnot there, it was really cool. The town square was just darling.

In a ballet store, filled with boxes upon boxes of ballet shoes

pink top from forever 21, grey vest from H&M, yellow bow homemade, and skirt from thrift store (not shown)

Oh, you may have notice that that is me in the magazine! I few months ago I did an add for a regional company and while I was at this cafe, I found it in a magazine! If you look closely at the picture you can notice the ominous wheelchair in the background of me holding a basketball.
Just a note, i look like 12 years old in this picture.

safety pins are my favorite fashion tool


January 26, 2011

Communist Box Dress

I like this dress, don't get me wrong, but everytime i wear it, it reminds me a box dress staight out fo communist china. 

grey box dress-vintage
grey cable knit sweater- GAP
grey wool socks- marshalls
grey hidden wedges-Aldo

January 18, 2011

One Hit Wonder

Sorry about the bad picture quality, but thats what I get when i procrastinate and used flash while taking the pictures in the dark.
Lesson learned.
I really like this shirt for unexplained reasons honestly, but i always love casual tees with big ol' words on it!

got these black mary janes for a whopping 5 dolla! and added the socks i got for christmas for some color

tee shirt -urban outfitters, purple silk blazer from goodwill(originally topshop!) black skinnys from forever 21, black t strap flats from thrift store, and socks gift for christmas. arrow earring from urban outfitters.com

I quite proud of these pictures, since it tooke me like a full 15 minutes to get them. I love pictures like this, a la taylor swift's fearless album cover .

January 17, 2011

I'm not inclined to resign to maturity

Sorry i haven't posted in a few days, I was in North Carolina for this divine MLK day; spending my days skiing and unashamedly playing the snow. I made a snowman!
The skiing was really great, it took a second to get used to but I nailed it. 

I brought my clothing staples o the trip, like my faaavorite cardigan that I totally overwear. 
yellow cardigan from urban outfitters, black wool shirt from thrift store, dark wash skinny stirrup jeans from Gap, boots from cathy jean, and lilac hat from old navy.

It's sorta crazy that i've never seen this much snow

Catcha later

January 12, 2011

I will bring you down to Chinatown

as you may have noticed, I am not in chinatown. Sorry.
quite busy today so making this post quick.

love this look, includes all of my favorite classic pieces including this black lace top! so pretty. 

jean jacket- thrift (xl in abercrombie kids)
black lace top-urban outfitters
khaki pants-zara
gold shoes-urban outfitters 
belt-urban outfitters

I don't know what it is about gold metallic shoes. Guess i just like livin my life like its golden 

Happy Wednesday

January 11, 2011


Mother Nature tricked me. 
It started snowing again...Why must the weather be so bipolar!!!!

But check out these lovely pieces of heaven below.

BAM! You can't tell me that these are not the best things you have ever laid eyes on. I got these splendid grey hidden wedges in the mail yesterday and I might or might not have freaked out. I don't know what it is about getting shoes in the mail as apposed to getting them from the store, but it is way more satisfying. 

Productivity can be interpreted in many different ways...

in other words, I did nothing today.  
Hey! what do ya know, its not snowing anymore. Crazy, huh?

shirt-american apareal
jeans-american eagle
bag-vintage coach (thrifted)
boots- lucky brand

Since we have been out of school for a bit, i walked around the neighborhood, saying howdy to neighbors and chillin with my hommies.  (I promise I don't talk like that in real life) 
All in all, today was pretty laidback, usually I have a  To Do List for the day or week, but today  I abandoned all rules and inhibitions, whoo!

"Nice ride mister."

Happy Tuesday Everybody!