January 07, 2011

I feel my Hipster coming on....

Decided to try out taking some "artsy" photos and see what I get. These were the acceptable ones. 

I love how its all black in the background, no idea how i got it that way.

black and white striped dress from H&M, grey oversized sweatervest from a thrift store, boots urban outfitters scarf, H&M blazer, Hue tights, gifted earphones, earrings, pearls,and belt, the knit hat from my grandmother

This outfit is really grooving with me, I love layering different dresses and playing with neutral colors. I thought it turned out well. Lately I have had a burst of inspiration when it comes to my outfits, hopefully this continues, because i'm liking it. 
today I was in a cafe/bookstore, and the cashier asked, "so are you a hipster or something?"
I didn't know how to respond to that.

found these harry potteresque glasses at a thrift store. 
They are epic. 

"The wall is trying to tell me something"

Catcha later Alligators
Happy Trails!

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