February 03, 2011

So ya know how I love accessories and stuff...

hey everyone, sorry no outfit posts recently but my camera has been a bit weird , so i've been slowin my roll with the pictures, but not for long!
Anyway I recently found out about tis adorable online jewlery store called fashionology and it call such cool jewlery, it great  because its "edgy" and all really unique.
feat your eyes on this.
I might be obsessed. 

Its true, I have the greatest respect for Alexander McQueen and all that he has contributed to the fashion world over the last decades. It really takes a true creative genius to create something this intricate and beautiful from his imagination. 

$595 dollars worth of purse genuis

I don't know if you know this, but i love,love British fashion and really everything else about the culture. Its just something about those accents that make everything seems o pleasant. Oh how I wish for an elegant British accent! I would eat tea and crumpets and shout british exclamations like "bollocks and blimey, I'll also say "cheerio!" to the gov-na.

I'll try to get my camera back in order
peace, love, happiness, fashion