December 26, 2010

What's better than a mustache ring?

So how was every one's December 26th? Mine was wonderful actually, I went to my favorite thrift store in the city (got a whole bunch of stuff) and I ate a melon. A cantaloupe actually. It was lovely.  OH. and while I was around town, i went to this little boutique and found
A MUSTACHE RING!!! it was glorious, simply glorious. I'll have to put up some pictures later.
Yeah, i tried to avoid all malls today, imagine what the crowds
Oh and today i submitted a picture to Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger, hopefully it goes well!

black and white striped dress (worn as a top)-H&M
blue band vest-Urban Outfitters
Pearls-Birthday Gift :)
Black ruffled mini skirt- Thrift store(originally from Gap Kids!)
and I'm wearing my communist chairman Mao watch I got when i went to China in 7th grade-my prized possession. 

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