December 21, 2010

Lets all say Hello together

Well hello there, welcome to the 1st official post of Color me Styled, i've always loved fashion and appreciated good style so to me this seems like a constructive, creative outlet to express my opinion on current fashion and document my daily outfits as much as possible. I wanted to "do" something, to create something this year, so this seems like a good fit.
I suppose this is my new year resolution, so i'm getting a head start! Lovely. 

 It was quite chilly outside so I went to one of my staple pieces, my faaaavorite grey cashmere sweater that i scored at a thrift store sometime in June. 

being a weirdo looking at my dear neighbor  

sweater : thrift store
blazer: urban outfitters
jeans: american eagle (TJ Maxx)
belt: urban outfitters
shoes: urban
scarf: China

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