December 24, 2010

Question of Judgement

Happy Friday Everybody! 
Only one day until Christmas and here I am in need of 2 more gifts for my loved ones. Somehow it happens every year, I excel in procrastination, it's a curse really.  
its weird, if you looked at this picture it does not give off the impression of christmas, for all you know it could have been taken in march,; especially if you notice that i'm wearing a tank top and shorts. Ah well, we'll make due with what we have!

Now if you'd excuse me, i think i'll go watch The Holiday for the 46th time this month
I hope everyone has a lovely holiday.  

flower printed tank top from Marshalls, loose open cardigan from Plato's Closet, Gant uniform shorts from thrift store, tights from a drug store and my favorite, favorite blue shinny shoes from Marshalls (whoda thunk it?) 

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